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Mitutoyo Metric

Mitutoyo METRIC Coolant Proof Digital LCD Outside Micrometer 0-25mm / 0.001mm


MITUTOYO 103-913-31 METRIC (6 MICS) 0-25 to 150 MICROMETER SET CARBIDE .01mm


Mitutoyo Metric Uni-Mike Multi Anvil Outside Micrometer 25-50mm / 0.01mm




New Mitutoyo 530-104 Vernier Caliper Metric Inch Range 0-150mm 0-6in 0.02mm


Vintage Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper Plastic Inch/Metric 0-6" Range


Mitutoyo 293-340-30 Digital Micrometer, Inch/Metric, Ratchet Thimble, 0-1"


New Mitutoyo METRIC Waterproof Digital Outside Micrometer 25-50mm / 0.001mm


Mitutoyo digital metric depth micrometer with interchangeable anvils, 0-100mm


Mitutoyo METRIC UniMike Multi Anvil Digital Outside Micrometer 0-25mm 0.001mm


Mitutoyo METRIC ONLY Digital Tube Pipe Wall Micrometer 0-25mm Cylindrical Anvil


Mitutoyo METRIC ONLY Digital Metric Blade Micrometer 0-25mm / 0.001mm 0.75mm Tip


Mitutoyo METRIC LCD Digital Electronic Caliper Type Outside Micrometer 0-25mm


Mitutoyo 145-187 Caliper Jaw Inside mechanical Micrometer (METRIC) New!!


Mitutoyo inch-metric electronic thread micrometer set


Mitutoyo Metric 175-200mm Range Micrometer


Mitutoyo Metric ID-H Digimatic Digital Calculation Indicator 0-60.9mm 0.0005mm


Mitutoyo Metric LCD Digital Disk Disc Flange Micrometer 50-75mm / 0.001mm


Mitutoyo Digital LCD METRIC ONLY Blade Micrometer 0-25mm / 0.001mm 0.4mm Tip


Mitutoyo Metric Digit Counter Micrometer Head 0-25mm / 0.01mm Ratchet Stop


Mitutoyo METRIC ONLY Waterproof Digital Outside Micrometer 250-275mm / 0.001mm


Mitutoyo Metric Dial Height Gage 300mm 192-106 Works 


Mitutoyo METRIC Complete Dial Bore Hole Gage Gauge Set 10-18.5mm / 0.001mm


Mitutoyo/Mixed Metric Micrometer Set 0-300mm w/ Case (Incomplete) - FL32


MITUTOYO Vernier Height Gage 506-207 Metric Light Weight 0-200mm JK-42


Mitutoyo inch-metric electronic thread micrometer set anvils included


Mitutoyo Digimatic Micrometer (inch/metric) 0-1"/0-25.4mm w/ ratchet stop


LOT 8pc Mitutoyo Metric Micrometer Set 100-300mm 103 Ratchet + Carbide tips Mics


Mitutoyo Digital Metric Gear Tooth Micrometer 50-75mm 0.001mm + 2.5mm ball anvil


Mitutoyo Metric Disk Disc Flange Micrometer Digit Counter 25-50mm / 0.01mm


New Mitutoyo Inside Tubular Rod Metric Micrometer Set 50-150mm / 0.01mm


Mitutoyo Metric Micrometer Set Carbide Anvils 150mm-300mm Case and Standards


Mitutoyo Digital Disk Disc Flange Metric Outside Micrometer 25-50mm / 0.001mm


Mitutoyo Metric Complete Dial Bore Hole Gage Gauge Set 10-18.5mm / 0.01mm


Mitutoyo 145-189 Metric Depth Micrometer 10-125/.01mm New!!




New Mitutoyo Disk Disc Flange Metric Micrometer 175-200mm 0.01mm 20mm Discs


NEW STOCK Mitutoyo METRIC Digital LCD 0.75mm Blade Micrometer 50-75mm 0.001mm


Mitutoyo Digital LCD Metric Blade Micrometer 25-50mm / 0.001mm 0.75mm Tip


Mitutoyo 368-911 Holtest Inside Micrometer Bore Gauge Set Metric 6mm-12mm New!


Mitutoyo 0-1"/.00005" (English/Metric) Digital Micrometer - FU52


Mitutoyo metric electronic digital indicator 0 - 10 mm Model ID-S1210B


New Mitutoyo Japan 1-2" 25-50mm Digital Inch / Metric CombiMike Micrometer CM962


Mitutoyo 511-817 Complete Metric Dial Bore Gage Gauge Set 400-6000mm / 0.01mm


Mitutoyo Digimatic Metric Indicator 543-400-BD